The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) provides housing assistance to over 65,000 children, adults, and senior citizens who are most vulnerable to the digital divide. The Innovative Technology and Community Development Initiatives department have teamed up to connect communities and equip families with training and resources to help families take full advantage of the increasing array of resources available digitally.

The Team

Jo Ana Alvarado

Director of Innovative Technology

Martin Hernandez

Network Administrator

Luis Alonzo

Technical Support Specialist

Deborah Canales

Systems Administrator

Humberto Delgado

Systems Support Analyst

John Hernandez

Application Support Analyst

Luis Perez

Network Support Analyst

Adrian Lopez

Director of Community Development Initiatives

Munirih Jester

ConnectHome Coordinator

Yesenia Ochoa

Development Coordinator

Our Partner

Alamo Colleges Southwest Campus Welding Club

“Thank you, Alamo Colleges Southwest Campus Welding Club for taking SAHA’s vision of SMARTI, and building a prototype that will help connect families across communities.”