The Challenge

The San Antonio Housing Authority provides housing assistance to over 65,000 children, adults, and senior citizens who are most vulnerable to the digital divide. A majority of the individuals SAHA serves are families with children.

These are working parents who are making ends meet on less than a $12,500 annual household income. These families are often faced with tough choices about their finances and means a car payment or education often takes priority over Internet connectivity.

Individuals We Serve

San Antonio by the Numbers

+ San Antonio is the 19th worst connected city with more than 100,000 households

+ 1 in 6 Households do not have a computer

+ 1 in 4 Households do not have internet access

USA by the Numbers

+ 1/3 of households with incomes below $50,000, with school-age children, do not have high speed internet access at home

+ Only 8 percent of households with incomes of $50,000 or more lack broadband at home

+ 8 in 10 middle skills jobs require digital skills

+ 70 percent of jobs are posted online