SAHA hopes to provide Wi-Fi for public housing residents

KSAT | June 19, 2018

The San Antonio Housing Authority is competing for thousands of dollars in hopes of providing Wi-Fi to low-income homes. SAHA created a device called SMARTI, a solar-powered light pole that provides Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 25 users at the same time

SAHA’s efforts to bridge digital divide praiseworthy

San Antonio Express News | May 8, 2018

Kudos to the San Antonio Housing Authority for continuing efforts to help its low-income tenants bridge the digital divide.

SAHA wins $10,000 for solar Wi-Fi project

San Antonio Express News | April 28, 2018

Inexpensive solar panels powering a local network delivering Wi-Fi to public housing residents has caught the attention of the Mozilla Foundation.

SAHA Building Solar-Powered Wi-Fi Prototype for Westside Community

The Rivard Report | April 25, 2018

More than 750 residents in a 65-year-old low-income housing complex on San Antonio’s Westside could get free Wi-Fi if the San Antonio Housing Authority wins a national grant challenge.

SAHA Competes To Connect More Low-Income Residents

Texas Public Radio | March 26, 2018

San Antonio Housing Authority staff members met with prospective partners like T-Mobile and Google Fiber to create a low-cost Wi-Fi network for their residents on Friday.

SAHA Receives Grant for ConnectHome Initiative

The Chamber Today | March 21, 2018

SAHA’s project integrates mesh Wi-Fi access points into solar-powered light poles in order to provide connectivity to low-income households.

Digital Inclusion Alliance Looks At New Structure To Help Connect SA

Texas Public Radio | March 19, 2018

For years, social service providers like Goodwill Industries, the San Antonio Housing Authority and the San Antonio Public Library have launched various programs to connect the 25 percent of homes in the city without internet access.

'Closing The Digital Divide': Connecting The Least Connected

Texas Public Radio | February 22, 2018

When Brandon Marquez has a school research paper, the junior at Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Southwest Early College High School hunkers down in the school library.

Tierrabyte: Addressing San Antonio’s Digital Divide

The Rivard Report | October 5, 2017

Emily Delarosa, a sophomore at South San High School, often skips lunch to do homework — this time for a chance to fix the problem that often makes finishing her homework frustrating.

BiblioTech continues to grow digital reach in fourth year of operation

San Antonio Express News | September 19, 2017

BiblioTech operates two branches, on the South and West sides, with a third location scheduled to open in February at the East Meadows housing development.

SA teens earn free laptops and Wi-Fi to help learn computer programming

KENS 5 | August 1, 2017

Free computers and Wi-Fi for teens who otherwise wouldn't have access to the technology, talk about a game changer for students who need computers in today's digital world.

Can San Antonio bridge the 'Digital Divide'?

Tech Bloc | May 1, 2017

Low-income and rural communities are more prone to suffer from the "digital divide" — a disparity in access to technology and the internet.

SAHA Residents Graduate With Tech Skills, Laptops

The Rivard Report | April 29, 2016

Until two weeks ago, most of the students in the ConnectHome training program had never used or owned a personal computer, but they celebrated their new found computer skills.

SAHA assisting low-income housing with WIFI through pilot program

WOAI | April 28, 2016

98% of Americans have access to internet service and one in four don't have it at home. That is the case for many low-income families right here in San Antonio, however SAHA is working to change that.

Support Technology for Low-Income Kids and Families in San Antonio

SA2020 | March 24, 2016

President Obama announced a new initiative called ConnectHome, aimed at boosting local broadband Internet networks to reach more low-income families in 28 cities—including San Antonio.

San Antonio Housing Authority to Launch ConnectHome Initiative

San Antonio Current | October 29, 2015

With 1 in 4 San Antonio families lacking basic Internet access in their homes, SAHA hopes the HUD's collaborative ConnectHome Initiative can start to close the digital gap.

San Antonio teams up to bridge digital and economic divide

NowCastSA | October 29, 2015

Among San Antonio's poorest residents, fewer than half have high-speed Internet at home, meaning children can't access instructional videos to do their homework or apply for college, adults can't connect with jobs, education and training, and those with limited mobility can't access life-prolonging resources and cultural and social activities.

ConnectHome To Provide Broadband for Low-Income Households

Library Journal | July 17, 2015

President Obama announced a new initiative called ConnectHome, aimed at boosting local broadband Internet networks to reach more low-income families in 28 cities—including San Antonio.