Evolution of SMARTI

SMARTI has been entered into the Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society Challenge supported by Mozilla and the National Science Foundation. The prototype will use solar-powered light poles to provide free connectivity to Cassiano Homes residents in their homes. See a photographic journey of SMARTI below.

SAHA installs the internal components needed to retrieve solar energy and connect to local network access points.

Positive and negative cables are used to connect the charge controller to the battery and solar panel.

The initial prototype of SMARTI was tested at the San Antonio Housing Authority Central Office.

The initial prototype was built on a stationary pole for testing.

SAHA created a diagram of the SMARTI Prototype based on the components needed to provide Internet connectivity.

The Alamo College's Southwest Campus Welding Club built the mobile prototype for further testing at the Cassiano Homes community.

To extend Internet connectivity signal, a repeating station was built using mesh technologies to wirelessly connect to upstream access points.

The repeating stations can extend signals an additional 600 feet.